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Meet Singapore Game Artist, Alan Bay.

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MeetTheDesigners bring you up close to our local talents that are filling up our creative space in Singapore.  We are now living in a time of convergence of art and technology, digital and analog, like no other in history.  Print and digital content communication convergence and its correlated dependency in the business world is remodelling what we create everyday.

Introducing the first of our series, Alan Bay, presently a game artist at UbiSoft Singapore. He specializes in 2D concept boards and 3D modelling. He had worked on an extensive list of game titles that includes  Hinter Wars, Romance of Three Kingdoms Online, TMNT:Re-shelled, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands and the recent Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.  He was previously from ActivatePlay and Koei Entertainment Singapore.

When I mooted this idea of  featuring local talents, he gamely agreed to be interviewed. He is a quiet man with ideas sprouting each time I meet him. Over the years, his stack of sketchbooks never fail to impress me with his brand of doodles.

1) Share with us, what are the  3 pieces of work that you had created or involved in that had changed your design career.

– SmallGuy Comic
Alan: SmallGuy comic was created for self-promotion as an artist and a medium to communicate with the public.
( You could view more at his blog-site here: )

– Atlas Comic
Alan: This is my first printed comic book’s collaboration with  Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) and ChuangYi Publishing. A huge step forward for me in being an established comic artist. Currently, I’m preparing my next comic. Do look out for it! (Alan’s comic is available in all major bookshops and even at Singapore National Library!)

– Chronosgear fronts inaugural issue of TouchGaming
Alan: TouchGaming is a newly established Ipad magazine that targets at game design and news.  I was tasked to create their inaugural cover with a focus on Chronosgear. Chronosgear is an iPhone game published by a Singapore game company; which is very meaningful for me.

2) Where do you get your daily dosage of inspiration?
Alan: From daily life, I guessed.  It’s great to draw inspiration from things we see and hear everyday! All we need is to pay more attention to our surroundings. At times, some of my greatest ideas came flowing when I was sitting on the toilet bowl!

3) What do you envision about the design scene in the next 10 year?
Alan: I think design will be more readily available everywhere to anyone. Things will be so customizable and people will be spoilt for choice. Artists will also need to improve constantly as softwares and programs can do almost anything possible  with a touch of a button.

4) If you are an inanimate object, what will that be?
Alan: Probably a parcel box. Besides being able to travel around the world, it would be great to be the receiver of  smiles when the recipients  get their parcels! 🙂


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