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Make A Statement With Your Business Cards

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This is a touchy topic. I was without a business card when I met Ruth last Saturday. Ruth is the sweet shopkeeper for Little A pleasant and soft-spoken lady, she is. In absence of my business card, I left her a set of illustrated Christmas cards.

In this digital age, do we still need business cards? I think so. Do we need fancy wacky cards to make a statement? Maybe yes, maybe not. Functionality is key, I stressed. Who would want a star-burst shape business card? Or a card size that exceeds  wallet size. Cards that doesn’t conform to regular size always get chunk out easily or find their invasive ways to the waste bins. Tiny fonts and unfriendly colour contrast are big taboos.

Personally, I like clean, thoughtful and useful business cards. It inks your branding and reflects what kind of a person/company from that piece of 120gsm piece of paper. Even the grains and texture of the card tells us something.

Time to refresh your business cards? Some inspirations to keep you going. Oops, keep us going. Have fun!



Written by poppy

December 6, 2010 at 10:57 pm

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