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Save The Ears.

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I had an ugly morning. First it was a fight with rude people over a cab. And next, a youngster with overbearing music sat beside me. His music was spilling excessively into my hearing comfort zone.  Heavy techno echoed in the background as my Pachelbel Canon played on. That’s crazy.  And note, he was using the iPhone4 earpiece, same as mine. tsk tsk.

I wonder was it the lousy design of Apple earpiece, a possible deafening ear problem or simply a heart that lacks consideration for people. A simple idea sprouted as I was pondering over this.Why not do a “Save The Ears” campaign targeting at youths?

Some basic information to save your ears.

Different headphone/earphones create different sound levels at the same volume level in your iPod. But as a rule of thumb you should be able to hear from people 3 feet away from you when you are listening to music using your headphone. If you can’t hear them, it is time to lower the volume. Hearing at less than 40% of the maximum volume from your iPod is normal for listening to music throughout the day. But if you can’t resist hearing at high volume level keep track of the time how long you are hearing at high volume.

Few common mistakes

In noisy situation like in streets or subways people try to max out the volume to hear the low sounds above the noise. It is better not to listen to music at that time. And if you still need music at that time try to get a noise isolating or better a noise canceling earbud. Those systems cut off the noise so that you can listen to pure music at lowest possible volume.

Save your ears, friends.


Written by poppy

November 2, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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