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Ancillary Service, what’s so exciting?

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Photoshoot at HortPark, Singapore

My mind is wide awake and yet I can feel my body is desperately asking for rest.  With this cold evolving to a full blown virus, it’s making me terribly sick. Yucks.

This weekend, I’m gonna devoted myself to finish an industry article – Ancillary Services. Exciting topic as this service had gone a bit of wayward in my view. Airlines are charging for all sorts of services for your extra pennies. You can now pay to board the flight earlier than anyone else. So you will not squeeze in the aisle  or a lack of overhead storage space with the boarding  passengers. What’s next? Pay for the air-conditioning? Pay for a chair? Pay for service staff or simply self service at the computer/machines.

Anything is possible these days. If you gotcha some brilliant ideas or news on Ancillary, leave me a line. =)


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September 10, 2010 at 11:03 am

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