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The fickle aspiring design writer, what could be next?

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The fickle me. I was just thinking if I should set-up a new blog page tonight if the design writer aspiration fails me. After all, I am in the travel trade. I have been doing marketing for 8 years. Busy executing the promotion mix. Writing endless articles day in and day out. All pertaining to GDS and travel business. So I thought, HMPH! It will be a brilliant idea and less painful for me to work on my aspiration and write about my work instead. Sounds like a plan? Yeah, of course.

Yet at 2 days ago, I was so encouraged by readers and Alissa that I mooted an idea to start gathering contents. I should seek out designer friends and start interviewing them!  I even made a mental note on the POSSIBLE LIST of potential “interviewees”.

When I logged in 15mins ago and wow. My pathetic 2 page views jumped to 12 page views and I got another 1 nice comment to urge me on.  (hey, don’t laugh at my small number. It’s growing!!!)

Fine, I write with my mental flow. I shouldn’t be bothered by the blog name – MeetTheDesigners nor is this blog-site is meeting the objective yet. It’s supposed to be fun and doing something I like. It’s not gonna be a chore. But I do promise, I will seek out contents immediately. So stay tuned! Of course, not for you to witness the fickle me straying away BUT to stay committed with what I had plan to do. (Diana, you just got to work harder and faster too!)

Another working day ends here. It’s 10.41pm as I am writing this. Tomorrow will be a public holiday in Singapore. A short break to energize for more greater days to come!

Something to share, today I attended an industry event ” HSMAI Asia Connect, Singapore Chapter”. It’s basically a sales and marketing event for hoteliers and industry partners from the industry value chain.  It’s my first time attending such event and I had a culture shock! Contrasting with their smart black suites and polished looks, gee, I am so under-dressed. A point to note next time.

Agenda of the day

HSMAI Asia Connect Singapore

HSMAI Asia Connect Singapore


Written by poppy

September 9, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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